Allergy Foundation South Africa

Epy Derm products are approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa, click here to find out more.

Our products consist of Cetomagrocol which is a base for keeping creams stable and allows steroids, when added to the cream or ointment to remain active as long as there is product in the container.

The formulation of our products is such that it is effective on most skin types and helps to control, eczema, psoriasis and dry itchy skin. We have found that our products have been effective in helping with these skin conditions with many doctors supporting us. Doctors will script a cortizone steroid to be added into the cream for extreme cases or to boost a treatment.

Podiatrists have found that the 10% Urea has been effected in the control of cracked heals.

The 10% Glycerine is an amazing cream for children, especially in summer when they are constantly outdoors, swimming in Chlorine or salt pools. The glycerine is an extra intensive moisturizer.

Our products are Nappi coded so if a doctor recommends one of them and writes a script for it, it may be claimed on Medical Aid, depending on the medical aid.

The Epy Derm range of products is now available countrywide from Pharmacies.

If a pharmacy does not stock one or some of our products that you require, you can ask them to order your choice of product from any one of the many wholesalers who supply them. They are: Alphapharm, Transpharm, Pharmed, Norpharm, Aptekor( West Coast and Karroo), Namkem (Springbok, Upington and Karroo), Pick ‘n Pay Pharmacies, Shoprite/Checkers Medirite Pharmacies and Helderberg Medical.

Also available at Clicks and Dischem stores nationally.